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About Us
SPORTS. This is something that we are crazily passionate about. Team sports excite us, marathon finishers inspire us, a super tight kick-boxing match cracks us up, in short sports is that one thing which whirls us up every time! We believe sports have the power to transform and empower us. We are here to help people pursue their passion for sports. Be it learning a new sport or improving your game, competing and winning tournaments or just playing for the love of the game, we have all of it covered. We will help you discover the best coaching experience that suits you! Now your passionate sport is just a few clicks away!
Be a part of our story
Lead an active lifestyle, make new friends, learn, excel and most importantly, enjoy your sports. So, are you ready to start your Circloplay kind of sporting experience?
Values at Circloplay
Trust. Creativity. Passion. These are the three words that we closely hold on to. Trust is the basis for everything we do. Creativity is our inspiration to enhance value for our users. Passion drives us in our path to excellence.